Thank you Jesus for the stomach bug

Y’all the comfort food that I consumed last week completely derailed me on this weight loss challenge. 

(I really wanted to post a picture of a KFC bucket where colonel sanders was flipping the bird, but I didn’t want to offend anyone)

While spending time with family and trying to be as little of a burden as possible, I tried to make the best decisions possible as far as eating goes. But y’all, fried chicken can only be slightly healthy. (Who am I kidding?? It wasn’t healthy and neither were the brownies, and the several bites of dump cake… but they tasted so DAYUM good!) Anyway, I prayed to the good Lord to help me get back on track and man oh man did He help me out…

Sunday morning I woke up with the stomach bug. 🤢🤢

It only lasted 24 hours, and it was terrible, but I did a little happy dance when I stood on the scale Monday morning! I was the EXACT same weight I was before we left town to be with family. Let’s be clear, I am NOT promoting a binge/purge lifestyle. I HATE being sick, but this one time being sick worked out for me. I’m not suggesting that anyone go out and lick handrails or inhale deeply as soon as someone sneezes to try and catch this bug. It is BRUTAL. 

I haven’t missed a workout this week, have eaten my proper meals and snacks, and have lost another 2lbs!!! Y’all!!!!! I am down 11lbs!!!

ELEVEN POUNDS!!!! Holy bad word! I am killing it! 

I am 2 weeks and 1 day into my 6 week weight loss challenge. If I keep on track like this I’m not going to be able to walk in the wind without being blown away (😂😂 I’m hilarious!). But for real y’all, this lifestyle change seems to suit me! I have so much energy and the meal prepping is coming more naturally. I can do this y’all. I am doing this! 


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