Step into my office…

Let’s have ourselves a little chat. Let’s talk about how Chelsea said she wasn’t going to be a slave to the scale anymore. Let’s also talk about how Chelsea has been secretly weighing herself everyday for the past 10 days….. yeah…. I gained 4lbs….sometimes chelsea sucks.

So now I’m only down 14lbs.

Any of you walking dead fans? I feel like I need to have a Morgan moment….. CLEAR. (Sorry if you don’t live and breathe the walking dead like I do… still showing my true colors.)

Ok guys! I’m back! I’ve decided that I am going to give it 110% until I hit my goal! There’s no competition this time. There’s no weight loss pills. There’s no skipping meals. There’s nothing but little ol’ me (or not so little, but I digress).

This post might get a tad deeper than my previous posts, so reader beware! Don’t worry, it’s not going to be anything super spiritual or morally profound… it’s just me, talking about me… it’s real.

I’ve done a little digging on myself and I realized that I am a restlessly happy person. I know that you are all wondering what “restlessly happy” means. It means that my happiness moves all over the place. I find happy in one thing and I quickly move my happy to something else. I need the things I’m focused on, to make me almost euphorically happy. I need it to consume me…. yep… deep, see?

One thing has become pretty clear to me. I have been placing a lot of the burden of my happiness on my sweet husband. Y’all…. that’s not his job… he can contribute to my happiness, but he’s not the sole keeper of it! And do you know how many times I have been mad at him (without him knowing) because I was selfishly expecting him to be a better keeper of my happy?

I have decided that I need to take control of my happy and get my shit together.

I need to find a hobby. Something that gets me out of the house. Something that doesn’t cost a butt load of money. Something that satisfies my creativity. This is a work in progress that I’m sure you’ll hear much more about in future posts.

I am not good at doing things just for myself. I have to at least feel like I am doing it for someone else. I’m an Obliger… I learned that term from a podcast I listen to called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. She spends time talking about personality types. What kind of person you are and what drives you. It’s pretty cool! Y’all should check it out. I’ll attach the link.

Gretchen Rubin 4 personality types
Like I said, I’m an obliger. I need to do things for other people. I don’t do thing for myself very well. So that is why, I am no longer going to lie to you guys and say that this weight loss is just for me.

It’s not.

It’s for my husband. It’s for my kiddos. It’s for my friends and family. I’m going to create the best version of Chelsea, FOR THEM. That’s how I have to look at it. That’s how I’m going to be successful.

So congrats y’all! This one’s for you!


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    1. Yay!! I’m so glad you’re checking it out! Sorry for the language.. :/ My mom gets on to me all the time… haha!

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