It’s a marathon, not a sprint..

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times…. weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint.

But what if sometimes I want to go fast? Sometimes I want to see results NOW. I don’t always want to wait for it, work for it, or wish for it.

This has been one of my biggest struggles with my weight loss journey. I want the weight off NOW. I know I didn’t put it on in a day, but dadgumit…. why can’t this ONE thing be easy??

I feel like I gain weight just from looking at a piece of cake, or from smelling a freshly baked cookie. In order for me to lose weight I have to WORK. I have to eat PERFECT and I have to workout HARD.

Getting my mind right

I found this quote. It helps me remember that this is a journey that will take time and it prepares my mind for the battle ahead.

Right now I am:

  • Stronger than I was when I started
  • Happier in my own skin
  • Starting to understand that fit bodies are supposed to be nourished in the kitchen not ruined.
  • A recovering perfectionist

In the future I will be:

  • Stronger than I am today
  • Feeling good inside and out
  • Able to eat all the things I love in moderation
  • Radiating passion for my new way of life
  • Happy to be me

The very last point is the main thing I want from this journey. I want to be happy to be me. I want my sweet husband to stop worrying about making me happy, because this one is all on me. He can tell me I’m pretty every single day, and I still won’t be happy. I need to see it for myself…. I need to FEEL it! I need to fall in love with myself again.

These are my goals. I want to be all of those things and more.


I haven’t really experienced anything that can humble me, embarrass me, and motivate me like this weight loss journey has.

There have been instances when I have demanded that friends delete a picture of me because I thought I looked like a walrus. I have cried in fitting rooms because the pants that are DEFINITELY my size, won’t come up over my plentiful badonk-a-donk. I have looked at myself in the mirror one too many times and been mean (inner Chelsea is still a bitch…)!

Y’all, I have always said I want to be skinny, but if I’m being 100% honest, that’s not what I want. I want to be happy, healthy, and feel beautiful!

So today, I am saying prayers for my journey and also for whatever journey you might be on right now. I want us all to feel strong, sexy, and on top of our games!

We have got this y’all! Keep killin’ it!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the “Blogger Recognition Award” – because your blog is awesome! Here is a link to the announcement post. Read it

  2. Boy this is the truth! I am definitely in better shape but every time I step on the scale I get discouraged because its just not moving. I need to keep at it and not get frustrated and give up when this happens.

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