Facebook is the antichrist when dieting…


Screw you Facebook and your Tasty videos. 

Day 2 is in the books. I have eaten less than 1400 calories a day and haven’t missed an OTF workout. I feel pretty damn proud of myself! BUT Facebook is trying to sabotage me!!! Show me another video of banana pudding cake and peanut butter chocolate cheesecake…. I dare you! 


Ok, my rant is over 😉 On to a deeper topic. 

Yesterday I got Sass’s daily report and I saw  that the pre-k class is learning about being a bucket filler. The gist is that everyone has an invisible bucket that they carry everyday. This bucket carries good thoughts and feelings. When your bucket is full, you feel happy. When your bucket is empty, you feel sad. You are either a bucket filler (someone who shares good thoughts, compliments, and kind gestures with others) or a bucket dipper (pretty much means you’re an a-hole). 

I am a REALLY nice person, but I’m a bucket dipper (a-hole) to myself. I don’t remember the last time I looked at myself in the mirror and said anything nice. (Well except for when the dude was an infant and I was still breastfeeding… I had a KILLER rack back then, and I used to admire that). Anyway, I have always thought something about me was too _______. Too chunky, too short, too many freckles, too different from my beautiful 5’9″ friends. 

I can remember one time, I was probably 8 or 9, my family and I went to Opry land. We sat down to watch a show that Bob Eubanks was hosting and I was wearing the ever so stylish overall shorts (in olive green, duh!). As I was sitting I noticed that my thighs spread across the chair, and I distinctly remember thinking “wow I am fat!”… what 8 or 9 year old should EVER think that about themself??!! 

Sometimes it takes a pre-k lesson to make me take a deeper look at me. I am tired of being an a-hole to myself. I am going to try my best to be a bucket filler from now on. I am STRONG. I am HILARIOUS. I am CURVY. I am ME and that’s good enough! I am ENOUGH! 

Y’all… that got kinda deep– sorry about that! I can’t promise that every post will be funny, but I can promise that every post will be 100% grade A Chelsea. You will get to see the ups and downs of this journey. Thanks for joining me 😘😘

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