You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy, when skies are grey…okay okay, I’ll stop with the song lyrics. But seriously, y’all, You guys really make me happy! I love knowing that there are so many of you out there reading my crazy thoughts and following me on this journey. I think I have a crush on you all… is that weird? Yeah, it’s probably weird… oh well..

Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Last week in my “Topic Tuesday” video that I posted on my Facebook page, I talked about the importance of being a bucket filler. To learn more about being a bucket filler, you can go back and look at the blog post I wrote about it here.

Being a Bucket Filler

I have been working on being a bucket filler for a long time, even before I knew what it meant. I want to put smiles on the faces of other people. It has always been a goal of mine to be the person that lights up a room when I walk in. Growing up, people used to tell me that my smile took up my whole face… I loved being told that!

Over the past few years, I felt like my smile had gotten smaller and my ability to brighten others’ days had weakened. That is until I started focusing on making ME happy and making sure my priorities were in order. I now know what’s important. If my ducks are in a row, then my smile is bigger. (p.s…. you’re welcome that I proofread this post…. I had accidentally replaced the u in “ducks” with an i…. that would have been an embarrassing typo…)

Someone shared an analogy with me once that all of the things in life are balls that we juggle. Family, Friends, Work, etc. they are all balls. All of the balls are rubber and will bounce, so its okay to occasionally drop the ball on something. Except for Family. The family ball is glass… if you drop it, it will break. That analogy helps me keep my priorities in perspective.

Putting the Principle to Practice

It’s easy to talk about being a bucket filler, but you might be wondering how easy it is to execute? It’s so easy that I don’t even realize I do it. Below is an example of getting my bucket filled, because I unknowingly filled someone else’s.

Last week I was walking to my desk and I ran into a past co-worker. She smiled so big at me and released a cleansing sigh. She then said “I just LOVE running into you! Every time I see you, I leave happier than before!” I was a little surprised at what she said, but so pleased that she shared that with me! That is my goal after all! In that moment, she filled my bucket.

I left that encounter with a spring in my step and a bigger smile on my face. I then challenged myself to brighten someone else’s day. I did so by paying for the car behind me in the Sonic drive thru (I love doing that!).


Today, I want to challenge ALL of my readers to do something to brighten someone else’s day! Share a kind smile, be a servant, hold a hand, help a neighbor, or buy someone a coffee. It doesn’t matter what it is, just do something nice. You will feel AMAZING after.

After you do your kind deed, please come back and share with me what you did! I would love to hear how everyone is spreading happy in the world!

Thank you guys for being so awesome! This journey has helped me become strong in many aspects of my life. Other than physical strength, momma strength, and mental strength, I am learning that my heart is amazingly strong. Having a big, strong heart does not make me a sissy or a pushover. It makes me a force to reckon with. If you don’t put your heart into everything you do, why even spend the time doing it? So strengthen your heart! Care a little more! Believe in yourself!

We got this y’all!

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