Y'all I have a confession…

Hello my name is Chelsea and I’m a serial dieter. 

You name the diet, I have most likely done it. 

South beach, Atkins, Jenny Craig,  weight watchers, nutrisystem, Paleo, and I even went vegetarian (for one year in high school– gotta love teen angst). 

You want to know why I’ve tried all these diets?  Because I was looking for that quick fix. 

The only one of these diets that REALLY worked for me was the one I learned at metabolic research center. They taught me how to eat clean and manage my portions. (And that it’s okay to be imperfect–this was key!)

I went to MRC after I had Sass. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to lose the 70lbs of baby weight that I packed on (you read that right… SEVENTY POUNDS). Guess what?? After 10 months and a lot of hard work, I lost it. All of it. I was so proud of myself! And then….I got pregnant again. 

I am a TERRIBLE pregnant person. I used my pregnancies as an excuse to eat any and everything. Oreos? By the bag. Mexican pizzas from the Taco Bell? At least twice a week. A glass of chocolate milk? Every night. 

I was a hot mess. 

I was so scared after I had sass that I wouldn’t lose the weight, but I proved myself wrong. So after I had the dude I wasn’t worried at all! I knew that I could go back to MRC and lose the weight. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Think again. 

It was so much harder for me after the second baby. I wasn’t as motivated. Maybe it’s because I knew that if I (and whenever I decided to) really buckle down the weight would come off…. All I know is that it’s been 2 years since I had the dude and I am done! 

I’m done being tired, unhealthy, and just flat out unhappy. I am 30! I am a young whipper snapper and I should be outside with my family running races, kayaking, hiking, riding horses, etc. 

So here’s to 30 being the best year yet! I’m going to be the master of my own happiness (and I’m going to look sexy doing it)!

Thanks for hanging on with me.


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