Where has all my motivation gone?

I truly hope you sang my title to the tune of Paula Cole’s “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone”. You’re welcome for that ear-worm.

But all joking aside y’all, I am struggling! I am seriously lacking in the motivation department. Right now I am being lazy AF! I don’t want to workout out, eating right isn’t fun, and I don’t want to worry about getting healthy and fit anymore. I just want to nap…

You want to know the funny thing? Even though my motivation is gone, I still care about this. Deeply! I want nothing more than to be healthy and exceptionally fit like my super hot husband.

It’s just HARD!

The struggle is real, y’all

I had lunch with my sweet husband and we talked about this journey. He is 100% supportive and only wants me to be happy. I told him that I can’t help but get mad at him because it looks so effortless for him.

I struggle with every choice. Do I want a salad or a burger? Should I go to the 5am workout class or hit the snooze button? Will I drink a water or a Diet Coke? Listen, y’all know that I never smile when I order a salad, I love my sleep, and I practically need my Diet Coke through and IV.

During our conversation I realized (I’m sometimes a little slow..), that although he and I started at different places, this healthy lifestyle is the solution for both of us.

He started out very thin and wanted to put on weight and get stronger. I, as you know, have had two babies and have some serious lbs to shed. Eating clean, and working out is the answer to both of our problems.

I know the answers to the test

If I know the answers, why do I still feel like I’m not going to get an A? I’ve seen nutritionists. I have all the right answers. I know which foods are the right foods to eat. I understand what time of day I should be eating. I know how to workout. So why am I a C student right now?

It’s because of my motivation and my will power. I need to get that shit in check! Here a few things I’m going to be better at this week:

  1. Leave my $$ and credit card at home. If I don’t have money to eat out, I will eat the lunch I brought.
  2. Meal plan and prep. I CANNOT eat the same thing every day, so I need to get serious about prepping and planning.
  3. Charge myself $5 for every cheat. Whether I cheat by eating something that I know I shouldn’t eat or cheat by skipping a workout, I’m going to hold myself accountable!

If any of you are riding the struggle bus with me, know that I’m hopping off at the next stop!

Isn’t that the most adorable struggle bus you ever did see??

I am in it to win it! I appreciate you guys listening to me vent my frustrations.

3 comments on “Where has all my motivation gone?

  1. Just curious, have you had your thyroid checked? Your thyroid, while a silly little gland controls way too much of our personalities and ability to lose weight. And if it’s not functioning properly will make you lazy AF.

  2. Motivation is such a fickle emotion…damn her!! LOL. I always like to tell people that it ebbs and flows and it’s hard to rely on it. Especially the longer you are on the journey. I’m constantly having to get back to the place when I made the decision to live a healthy lifestyle. What was my motivation then? And is what I’m feeling more burnout? I’ve become comfortable with seasons of unmotivation and what usually helps me is creating something. It gets me out of a funk. But it’s so hard!!

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