Why do I compare myself to others so dang much?

  • I’m not losing weight as fast…
  • I don’t run as fast…
  • I’d rather watch Netflix than workout…
  • I’m not a morning person… or a night owl…
  • My wardrobe isn’t as stylish…
  • My blog traffic isn’t as strong as other more experienced bloggers…
  • I’m not “organic” enough as a mom…
  • My 5-year-old knows more words to baby got back than sight words…
  • My two-year old may or may not eat dirt…

These are all things I think about. I’m sure we all compare ourselves to others in some way.

But why??


I overheard a lady leaving my office talking on the phone. She was talking to a child. She was asking the child about their school project that they had just turned in. She bragged on the child for doing such a great job, and then asked the child if their project was the best one in the entire class…

I, too, am guilty of pushing my children to be the best. I am in NO WAY judging this momma. She was proud of her child’s hard work, and wanted he/she to be as proud as she was!

But I think this is why we compare ourselves to others so much. It is taught to us at a young age.

We are taught to see what others are doing in our surroundings and do better than them. But what if what we do, isn’t better? What if we are just GOOD and not THE BEST? How do we teach the ability to be OK with yourself and your own progress? How can I instill in my children, that their best effort is good enough. That no matter what anyone else did, as long as they are trying their hardest and progressing, that they are successful?

This is a tough lesson for me to learn. I am a recovering perfectionist and am SUPER competitive. I thrive on praise and recognition of a job well done.

That’s part of the reason why my weight loss journey is so difficult. I am constantly comparing myself to other people. The people who make eating healthy look effortless (I practically have to gag down bland chicken on a daily basis). The people who ENJOY the gym. And my all time favorite… the people who are naturally thin and can eat WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT!!!

Sorry for yelling that last line, but SERIOUSLY?!? How is that even a real thing? Ugh!

Y’all, this lifestyle change sounded easy. It seemed like something I could just decide to do one day, and do it.

That’s 100% not the case.

I struggle every day.

I’m ready for this to be easy, and for me to be the best. I’m learning that the only true competition I should be competing in, is with myself. I need to compete to be a better me today than I was yesterday.

  • A better wife
  • A better Momma
  • A better Friend
  • A better Employee
  • A better me

That’s my goal for this week. Work on ME. Be a better me, everyday.

3 comments on “When GOOD is GOOD ENOUGH

  1. With this online world, it is so easy to compare with what we see on the screen, not to mention what is physically right there in front of our faces. I am a recovering comparison anxiety addict, and let me tell you, some days are easier than others. One thing I do Every day is I work on ME! I am the best that I am in that moment and in that day. I totally support you on working on you!

  2. I’m with you 100%! You’re speaking my words! I look forward to following you and learning some tips from you ­čÖé

  3. Love your message! We have to break out of the negative cycle of putting ourselves down, and just work at our own pace. I love that you rethink what the world around you is telling you! That’s something I’m passionate about too. Keep it up!! ­čÖé

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