I went on a date, but not with my husband. 

Sometimes I need a break. Y’all remember me telling you that I need a hobby. That is still a thing for me…

My sweet husband has two super time-consuming hobbies… golfing and working out.

Golf, on a good day, takes a minimum of 4 hours, and working out for him takes 1.5 hours. Combine the two on a weekend and that means that this momma spends a large majority of her day alone with her two wild offspring and one super clingy cat.

It’s exhausting.

My date

Last weekend when my sweet husband came home from his combo hobby Sunday, I told him I needed to get out of the house for a few minutes. He was completely fine with it and told me to go.

Phew! I was free…. but only for a few minutes because it was almost dinner time and I still had my weekly meal prepping and other household chores to complete.

I drove my happy ass to sonic, ordered a large vanilla Diet Coke, and watched an episode of Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Sometimes all I need is 30 minutes to myself. I’ll take it however I can get it.

I had no intention of sharing my secret date with Netflix with my husband. It was between me, my Sonic carhop, Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda (the actresses in Grace and Frankie).

Caught Red Handed

I got home. My husband asked me what I did. I told him I ran to sonic (omission of facts is not lying…. right?).

He then proceeded to tell me that we can’t share our Netflix password with people because while I was gone he tried to turn on a movie for the kids and Netflix told him that too many people were logged into the account.

Shit…. I was busted.

He asked me if I had shared our password.

I said no.

He asked why Netflix would have said too many people were logged in?

I answered quickly (because I think that if I say things really fast, he won’t hear everything I say..) I went to sonic and watched an episode of Grace and Frankie in my car while enjoying a refreshing vanilla Diet Coke.

He paused.

Shit. He had heard me.

He started laughing, hugged me, and told me he loved me.

Y’all…. I have a crush on this guy.

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