Weight loss challenge day 1..


That’s the first word I said this morning, after I realized I had slept through my alarm. I had a 5:00am workout and can you guess what time I woke up?? 5:10… eff.

Today is day one of my orange theory weight loss challenge. I had to weigh in (cue embarrassment). I asked the staff at OTF only about 100 times whether or not anyone else would see my weight… they assured me that only they would see it… PHEW!!! But still kind of embarrassing. Seriously… so embarrassing that I’m not going to tell you how much I weigh. Let’s just say it’s somewhere that I never thought it would be…. like really high…over 200 but that’s as much as I’ll say..😬

Listen, I love being fit and skinny (who am I kidding, I’ve never really been skinny) but over the past few years and two pregnancies I realized that I REALLY REALLY love tasty food. Which led to me packing on some serious lbs. So I committed to myself and my husband that this year, 2017, was going to be the year that I kicked my own a$$ and got into shape. Please don’t think that my husband has been pushing me to do this, he supports me in everything I do (and he has never complained about my growing badonk-a-donk). 

I took the plunge and signed up for orange theory fitness. I’ve been going for about a month and I. Am. Obsessed. It is rough and I sweat (autocorrect tried to change sweat to swear–that word would be appropriate here too) A LOT, but when I see how many splat points I earn and how many calories I burn, I can’t help but want more. I’m super competitive and this gym seems to feed that part of my spirit. 
So here goes nothing y’all. I’m gonna lose the lbs. Let’s just hope I don’t scare everyone away by being a hangry bee-otch. 

Prayers are welcomed. 

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