Weekend nervous breakdown..

Let’s talk about something non-weight loss and health related, ok?

Mommin’ is HARD, y’all! And before all the sanctimommies get on me, let me be clear… I love my kids and I love being a mom, but sometimes…. SOMETIMES, I need a break. 

The dude is all about testing me right now, and sass has the art of whining mastered! 

Seriously. This momma is about to lose her damn mind. 😳😳

I’m pretty sure the dude thinks it’s a game when I count to 3… he waits until I get the th- out of my mouth before he reacts. He thinks it’s hilarious… I assure you, it is not. 

And sass is as sweet as can be but the whining…oh em gee… THE WHINING! Today McDonald’s messed up her order and you would have thought the world ended. (Thanks for that Mickey d’s– insert sarcasm and the middle finger emoji). 

Then, the dude and I had a stand off in the backyard because he was refusing to put his shoes on. Little does he know, I’m more stubborn than he is, and this momma likes to win (you’ll remember that from my previous post). He is lucky he’s cute!

I’m literally counting the minutes until nap time…. maybe then I can watch something other than a kid show or just sit in silence… either option would be SPECTACULAR! 

I’m a better mom, because I’m a working mom. I love my babies, VERY MUCH! But sometimes I need a break. I’m seeing a pedicure in my near future. 


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