Vacation hangover 

Have you ever come back from vacation and realized that you need another vacation? Y’all, I am EXHAUSTED! Vacation Hangovers are BRUTAL!!

We didn’t do anything extravagant or go anywhere fancy, but I can guarantee that we played hard, laughed a lot, stayed up late, and slept in.

The kids are young and vacationing with young kids is tough. We could very easily have a grandparent or family member come with us on vacation to help corral the wild things we call children, but that’s not really my jam. I kinda like to do things myself.


I have great memories of my childhood vacations and I can only remember one time where we took anyone other than our immediate family.

Every vacation Mom and I would go horseback riding and my Dad and my brother would go to a Major League Baseball game. We would spend hours upon hours at the pool and I would always make new friends.

We usually had a condo somewhere and spent a lot of time playing games and just being together.

That’s my favorite kind of vacation.

The kind of vacation where you get just a little bit sunburned, you hardly wear makeup, and you play so hard that you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Our vacation was like this.

Making Memories

We spent most of our time in town, but we did manage to sneak away for an overnight in the great city of Branson, MO. (Don’t judge me,  I LOVE Branson! It’s like Broadway in the Ozarks with a side of pickin’ and grinnin’)

We tried something different this year and stayed at a place with an indoor water park. We had so much fun! Aside from the fact that I forgot to pack my bathing suit bottoms (apparently, when packing in a rush, my black sports bra has material that feels a lot like my suit bottoms..).

I looked like a true mom out there folks! Tankini top with some linen drawstring shorts (those pockets on those shorts are bomb y’all!).

Side note: The shorts only caused minimal chaffing.

That evening we decided to take the kids to the Dixie Stampede.

I’m obsessed! It’s so much fun to go see the horses and the trick riders, but who am I kidding, the real reason we go is because I love to eat a whole chicken with my hands… caveman style!

We didn’t have to pay for The Dude because he’s 2 and should be able to “share” food. Yeah… the only sharing that happened was because I was able to sneak a potato off of the plate. He seriously ate:

  • A whole chicken
  • A piece of pork loin
  • Corn on the cob
  • A bowl of vegetable soup
  • A roll
  • And 3 glasses of lemonade

Needless to say, The Dude was pretty stopped up when we left.

Vacations are essential, even if they are only for a day

We seriously had the best time on our vacation even though we only went out-of-town for a night. The kids are STILL talking about it!

Vacations allow you to recharge your batteries, and rediscover what should rank the highest on your priority list: FAMLIY.

They also allow you to eat whatever your little heart desires. I went WAAAAAAAAYYYYY off plan last week. Tomorrow’s Weigh In Wednesday is going to be interesting, but that’s OK!

Did I enjoy eating whatever I wanted? DUH!

Am I mad at myself for going off plan? Nope!

Life is all about balance. It is important to be comfortable with taking a day or two (or a week) off. Just make sure that you know how to come back strong.

So here we go guys! I am back in the saddle and ready to race forward!

Now I just need this vacation hangover to go away so I can have my energy back!

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