Ugh! What's that smell??

Peeeeeeeyeeeeeew! Have you ever smelled something so vile that you felt like the smell was forever burned into your nostrils? 🤢

Yeah….. me neither 🙄

I feel like as a mother I am constantly searching for the source of smells.

In my fridge…. what went bad?

In my car…. did someone leave a sippy cup with milk in it??

In my house… ugh- did the cat crap outside of the litter box??

So. Many. Smells. I’m pretty sure my heightened sense of smell that I gained when I was pregnant with the dude, stuck around. 

Here’s a recent story. 

Last week I was in New York (my most favorite city in the world). I left my car parked at the airport for the week. I land at the airport in NWA on Sunday, unlock my car to prepare for the drive home, and am slapped in the damn face with a TERRIBLE smell. I’m talking awful! I rolled the windows down and drove home cussing my children (what parent doesn’t do this on occasion?) because I’m CERTAIN that they are the culprits! They had to have left food or milk or some other kind of nasty in my car. 

The weather was all over the place while I was gone. It went from freezing to hot to freezing to hot. So whatever the source of this smell was would freeze and thaw and freeze and thaw and STINK! Ugh I was so mad! I had to make a pit stop on the way home to find the source…. I went right for the car seats. It HAD to originate from there….

What did I find?

Not a sippy cup. 

Not a kid snack. 

…….. my lunchbox. 

Well shit!

I caused the smell! I had left some raw veggies and turkey meat in an opened container. In. My. Lunchbox!!

All that time I had been cussing my kids, I never thought I would be the culprit… 

I should be ashamed of myself. My poor sweet babies were not to blame! I’m a dick parent sometimes. 

Oh well! They never knew I blamed them… it can be our little secret, mmmmmk?

I’m telling ya. Mommin is hard y’all. 


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