The Mismatched Couple

Have you seen the Instagram picture that is BLOWING up? The one of the couple that doesn’t match? He’s super ripped and she’s got a normal body type (see the pic here). Yeah….. that’s me and my sweet husband, but we still go together like peas and carrots.

You have heard me talk about my husband and how hot I think he is, but what I don’t think I have conveyed appropriately is just how ripped he is. I’m pretty sure his muscles have muscles. Just a few minutes ago he was being silly and dancing around the bedroom in his swimming trunks and all I could see was his 8 pack and his ripped arms (I also saw his farmer’s tan… he’d call it a golfer’s tan… po-tay-to/po-tot-o).

I, on the other hand, have curves on curves on curves. Parts of my body aren’t quite where they used to be, but I’m looking pretty good if I do say so myself. I’m starting to see what my husband sees when he looks at me (outside of my magnetic personality and impeccable sense of humor….), and that’s EXCITING!

  • Am I still a work in progress? YES! I think I will always be.
  • Do I have wobbly bits? Abso-freaking-lutely.
  • Do I get self-conscious? Who doesn’t??

I’m growing up. I’m starting to see myself in a better light and I love it! These workouts and meal-plans are tough, but are paying off ten-fold!


I’m baaaaaacccck!!

The real me is coming out again! I’m starting to get my confidence back. I’m noticing this in how I talk to myself in the mirror, how I feel about myself in my clothes, and also by hearing what my parrot of a 5-year-old is saying about herself.

Here are a few things that I’ve heard Sass say about herself in the past week.

  • This color is so pretty on me. I think I need to wear it all the time!
  • My eyes have a little sparkle in them, especially when I smile!
  • Mom, your hair is beautiful like mine! I just love that I am pretty like you!
  • Mom, can you stop growing up and getting so pretty??? (I tell her this all the time. It’s adorable to hear her repeat it back!)

It’s not always easy being a momma, but it is fun when I see things like this! It worth all the hard work to see my little girl learn from me how to love herself.

It’s also helpful to know that someone is watching me so closely. You know that I am an “Obliger” (click here to refer back to my earlier post where I discuss this), so having someone, even if they are just 5 years old, to hold me accountable it the best possible scenario for my weight loss journey to be successful!

Moving forward

In the not so distant future I hope that my husband and I aren’t so mismatched. I want to be known as the fit-ish couple. The couple that cares about their health, but also likes to have a good time. I want to be able to enjoy every aspect of life in the south: great family, the outdoors, good cooking, great music, the many pools/lakes/water parks.

I also want to continue feeling good about myself. I will continue challenging myself in the gym and learning new recipes. I truly appreciate all of your support and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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