Swimsuit season is in full force… Where have I been??

Isn’t it funny how it’s almost the 1st of July and I’m just now freaking out about swimsuit season?? Y’all this is HUGE progress from previous years. This means that I have been so focused of getting healthy/fit/strong/etc. that I haven’t really paused to care about this season. Or maybe it means that IDGAF what other people think of this baby rearing body anymore…

The Past

In previous years, I would wear a full on mom bathing suit.You know what I’m talking about…. a bathing suit with a skirt and a control top with lots of frills to hide my squishy tummy. I would layer up with a cover up and reluctantly remove it after I made sure that no one was looking. Once I found my opportunity to take it off, I would wrap my beach towel around my waist and sit in a chair. No lounging by the pool for me.

If I got too hot (which happens a lot because I am self diagnosed with thermal claustrophobia– I freak the hell out when I get too hot), I would quickly disrobe my towel and hop into the pool. No one could notice my thunder thighs or my large booty if I was in the water.

Once I got in the water, I would stay there. Refer back to the type of swimsuit I chose in previous years…. swimsuit skirts do no favors for anyone when they are wet… it’s really unfortunate.

Again, this was previous years. Now that I’m improving myself, I have a different outlook on bathing suits and swimming pools.

The Present

This year, I opted for high-waisted bikini bottoms and a slimming yet stylish tankini top. Do I look like a runway model? Nope. But I feel good about myself and this suit gets the job done!

My two little nuggets (Sass and The Dude) are learning to swim, so I’m still not getting to do much sunbathing. Most of my time at the pool consists of actually swimming and hearing “hey momma, look what I can do!” About 1,748,320 times. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I have realized that the only people who I should worry about seeing me in a bathing suit, don’t care what I look like in a bathing suit. They see their wife, momma, daughter, daughter in law, cousin, friend, etc. They don’t see me with several lbs left to lose. They just see me, enjoying my life, and being the best version of myself that I can be.

The Future

I am not in my best shape, but I am a hell of a lot fitter/healthier than I was last year.

I have been working on becoming stronger in all aspects of my life. I know am a stronger person, wife, mother, and friend. Because I am taking better care of me I am able to take better care of those I love.

Next year (you heard it here first!), I will be able to wear a real bikini again. I may even post a picture for you all to see…. maybe…. but only if you’re nice!

I have some pretty serious tiger stripes, but they just show how fierce I am! I will rock that bathing suit!

This journey has definitely not been easy. I am still finding hurdles that I need to jump daily, but I am committed. I can do this. I believe in myself, and my family deserves to have the best “me” possible.


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