Small victories….

A balanced life is all about small victories, right? Or is it about cake? 

Y’all my chubby soul is singing LOUDLY! And she seriously wants some tres leches cake. It has to be healthy. It literally means 3 milks…. milk does a body good, amiright? 😉

I legit had a small victory this morning. I got home from my workout, ate a post workout breakfast and then I took the kids to get some donuts for breakfast. I usually always order one maple long John for myself, a chocolate glazed for sass, and an order of donut holes for the dude. Today I only ordered for the kids AND I didn’t swipe a donut hole. Not one. 💃💃

Small victory. 

Why can’t healthy food taste as good as a maple long John? Or better yet, tres leches cake? I read a book once, I can’t currently think of the title, but the girl lost a ton of weight by imagining mold growing across her food (the book was fiction). My imagination isn’t that good. If it was, I think I would imagine that healthy food tasted ahhhhmazing, not that tasty food was growing a fungus. But I digress. 

My point is that I’m still not loving the healthy food. Maybe it will come one day. Maybe my mild disgust will transpire into a love of bland chicken and steamed broccoli. Maybe…🤢

Give me your secrets! Tell me what you do to enjoy eating when you are trying to get that DGB. 

If you haven’t guessed, I haven’t adopted the “eat to live” mantra. I still very much, “live to eat”.


I haven’t stepped on the scale. I don’t know if I’ve lost more weight.  I do know that my clothes are fitting differently. Small victory. 

I’m meeting with a nutritionist tomorrow. Maybe that will help me get my rear into gear. Maybe he/she will have some tips I can share. 

Y’all, not only is my chubby soul begging for cake, my inner self is struggling with her need for instant gratification. 😬😬

I know this is a journey. I know it takes time. I know it is not going to be easy. But I’m struggling right now. Knowing that you guys are reading this is helping to keep me on track. 

Thanks, y’all. 

You da best! 


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