Sleeves Schmeeves

Guess who wore a sleeveless top today?!?!? Y’all! I didn’t even worry about wearing a cardigan… mostly because it was hot as hell today, but also because the previous amount of arm jiggle I’ve had has diminished HUGELY! 

Come at me bro!

It feels good to feel strong! Thank you Orangetheory for pushing me to work harder than my mind wants me to. 

I’m still not seeing crazy number changes on the scale, but I’m seeing results in my body…. 

I’m going to say it… my husband was right. (Insert eye roll emoji). My hard work is paying off. Hells to the yeah! 

I do still want to eat my feelings every day. Happy = celebration meal, sad= comfort meal, bored= snacks on snacks on snacks. Sometimes I feel like food is my lifeline to my soul. 

Here’s why I say that:

You know how a song can bring a memory back? Or a smell? For example, savage garden “Truly Madly Deeply” instantly takes me back to 5th grade, laying across my bed with my best friend talking about her boyfriend (now husband, weirdly enough). Or how the smell of freshly cut grass will ALWAYS remind me of summers filled with softball. THAT’S exactly what food does for me! The flavors take me places! A bite of spongy angel food cake takes me back to my grandma Nita’s house. A perfectly ripe jalape├▒o reminds me of my dad. And homemade cookies fresh out of the oven remind me of my momma. Food = my past, my life, my love. 

Food will always be special to me. Taste will always be my favorite sense. I just have to learn how and when I can eat my favorite foods. 

In the meantime, I’mma just keep killin’ it! 

Y’all! Thanks for checking out! Thanks for supporting me! Thanks for laughing through life with me! 


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