Oversleeping is the worst… 

Lest talk about today…

It started off GREAT (sarcasm).

I slept through my alarm and missed my OTF workout. I LOATHE alarm clocks! I was trying to be considerate of my husband and use just the silent alarm on my Fitbit but apparently I sleep like a log because those violent vibrations didn’t phase me… I had one set at 4:00am and one at 4:20am…. neither one did its job. Unfortunately there was no other time for my to hit the gym today because I was slammed at work and it is Vday.

 Vday isn’t a big deal for my husband and I but we still like to use it as an excuse to go out to dinner (even if it’s just to mojitos). And I like to use it as a day to embarrass my sweet husband. (If you have read my about me section you know that embarrassing him is one of my favorite pastimes). The card I picked for him was COMPLETELY inappropriate and I LOVED IT! I gave it to him this morning and he read it and turned 6 shades of red! It had something to do with rabbits and the bedroom and it had sound effects (I’ll let you take it from there). 😂😂

So anyway, back to my day. This alarm clock mishap meant I had to make today my unintentional rest day. Boo. I have this fear that missing one day is going to cause me to fall off the wagon. I know how I am. My mind gives up way before my body does. But my mind can be VERY convincing. It says things like, “Chelsea, it’s okay to be tired. Take today off. And tomorrow. Just don’t eat much and you’ll be fine.” And before I know it. I’m lacking energy, starving, and binging on sweets while sitting on my butt watching re-runs of Law & Order: SVU. This is not a place I want to be. Even though I love Benson and Stabler, I don’t want to be sendentary any more. I’m loving my active lifestyle. 

I still have the rest of the week to get my rear in gear! 5:00am workouts for the rest of the week! My meal prepping on Sunday has been a godsend this week. I had the right amount of snacks and my lunch today was amaze-balls (should amaze balls be hyphenated? Some things I may never know). I’m drinking water like a dehydrated fish and limiting my caffeine. Y’all, I’m in this for the long haul. I’m going to make this weight loss challenge my b-word! 


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