National Eat What You Want Day?!?

SERIOUSLY?!? How did I not know this was a thing?!

You mean to tell me that it would have been 100% acceptable for me to have had pancakes for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and fried chicken for dinner?? All because it is #nationaleatwhatyouwantday…My inner-southern-self is DROOLING!

Here’s what I ate today… because I’m tryna’ be good:

Toast with PB and Banana + 1 oz cheese

Bland chicken and sweet potatoes

Pasta zero (that shit is legit, y’all), ground turkey, and stir fry veggies
(This is not a sponsored post by pasta zero… just a tip from your friendly neighborhood carb fanatic that’s on a diet…you’re welcome.)

Pasta Zero Spaghetti

I also experimented with a new recipe called “cloud bread”. It is essentially bread made out of meringue and cream cheese. Pretty healthy and slightly tasty (to be clear, the bread tasted AMAZING right when it came out of the oven, it kinda tasted like poo after I let it sit out for an hour..)

I share with you what I ate today because I want you to know that I unknowingly BEAT #nationaleatwhatyouwantday. (HAHA! Suck it, made up national holidays!)

Now, had I known that it was a national holiday, I might not have made such wonderful, yet underwhelming food choices for the day. I probably would have indulged too much, felt terrible, and then gorged myself some more because I felt so terrible.

Food is a vicious thing for me. Y’all have heard me say that I very much, live to eat… the struggle is still real on that front.

I want to get to a point where I don’t have to think about food. I literally feel like it is what my life revolves around. Did I meal prep? Am I getting enough veggies? How many hours have I gone between meals? Is diet coke a carb? Are my snacks balanced? Crap, did anyone see me sneak that cookie?

All I think about is FOOD. It is EXHAUSTING.

One day, this will be easy for me.
One day, I will be a pro.
One day, I will eat to live.
One day, this struggle will be behind me and this will become a way a life.

But until one day comes, I’m going to keep documenting my trials and tribulations. I’m going to keep pushing, because this momma is going strong, y’all.

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