Holy moly y’all! It’s been a week since my last post… I know you have all missed me! My hilariousness is something I know you all can’t live without. I apologize if any of you have experienced the shakes, cold sweats or any other withdrawal symptoms. 

I have been away for work in sunny Orlando, FL. Working crazy long hours and enjoying my downtime. I was not “good” on my diet. I ate all the food. All of it. And drank the drinks…. margaritas are my spirit animal. And you know what? I enjoyed every second of it. I did miss my sweet husband and wild offspring like crazy, but it was fun to have a few days where I was only responsible for me. Does that make me terrible? Hell to the no! Time away makes you appreciate what you have and I have the BEST little family in the whole world!

This lifestyle is all about moderation and balance. Was I proud of myself this week? Yes! You want to know why? Because I kept inner Chelsea at bay (except for one time, but my friend E quickly smacked that bitch in the face!) she literally looked at me at dinner and said “inner Chelsea you need to get the eff out of here! You are not welcome!” (I have the best friends and support system!)

Did I make it to any OTF workouts? Nope. I did get over 20k steps a day and spent the majority of my days talking to people, building displays, and busting my booty! We did try to make it a couple of times but our ridiculous work schedule didn’t align to the open classes. 

Now, the fam damily and I are on our way to central Arkansas to celebrate my MIL’s bday! Woohoo!! 🎉🎉

I would say I’ll be back on track 100% tomorrow, but that would be a damn lie. I’ll do my best. 

OHHHHHH! I forgot to share something! Y’all remember when I told you I wasn’t going to weigh myself anymore?? Yeah…. I did…. and guess what the scale said???? 


It literally said “low”. I know it was probably talking about the battery level, but I took it as a sign. My weight is getting LOW y’all! Eff the number on the scale. I’m not going to replace the battery. If I did I would be tempted to weigh myself and IDGAF about the number anymore. I’m feeling gooooooooood! Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Monday, I’m looking at you! Get ready to get served. Chelsea’s coming in hot! 💪🏻💪🏻

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  1. Favorite Post Yet! Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Your weight is getting LOW because you have busted your Butt! Inner Cheslea, Get Behind Thee! And watch Amazing Chelsea WERK! 😊

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