Makin’ Biscuts and Sippin’ Sweet Tea

I just wanted a nice relaxing evening….

I made myself some sweet tea (sweetened with truvia…. can’t get that DGB by drinking my calories…), sat down to enjoy some mindless tv with my sweet husband, and snuggled in under my favorite red blanket.

I didn’t engage with any tv show because my husband is a notorious channel flipper. So I resorted to messing around on social media and playing a hand or two of gin rummy.

My relaxing evening was just as I needed it to be, until….

My damn cat (named Chicken) hopped up in my lap, found the squishiest part of my belly, and proceeded to make biscuits… you know what I’m talking about… he repeatedly plunged his paws into my belly fat in order to create a perfect little nest for him to snuggle into…

Chicken is kind of an asshole….

While I appreciate that the cat loves me, I would prefer that he not mock me with his breakfast bread comfort routine…

I have no personal space and sometimes I feel like I have zero time to myself.

I know I do.

But do you ever feel like your obligations are using up all of your oxygen? Like work can’t be completed in the typical work hours? Like laundry and dishes will never ever be caught up? Like your spouse and kids aren’t getting the best version of their wife or momma?


This working momma thing is no joke, y’all! You have to carve time out for yourself. I’m still searching for my “thing”. I have several things I like to do, but nothing I love to do. I’ll find it. In the meantime, I’ll keep using my gym time at OTF as my me time (don’t worry besties, I’ll sprinkle in a couple happy hours too– sometimes I need a little momma juice!).

I’ve been doing lots of reading and researching on the best hobby ideas. Here are the seven that seem to suit me best:

  • Refinishing Junk.
    • Find junk, rehab said junk, sell said junk.
  • Competitive Co-Ed sports
    • Softball, KickBall, Bowling (who am I kidding… I can’t bowl unless they put the little kid gutter blockers up…)
  • Organizing
    • I know this doesn’t sound like a fun hobby to most, but for me it is relaxing to find each piece of clutter a home.
  • Biking
    • Mountain Biking. Sounds pretty bad ass, right??
  • Kayaking
    • Almost as bad ass as mountain biking, but can only be done in the summer months
  • Horseback Riding
    • Y’all, this was my first love! No joke! Horses are my FAVORITE! But this is an expensive hobby. We don’t live in the country, so this would mean buying a horse, boarding the horse, and all the extra expenses that come with a horse (feed, trailers, tack, vet bills, etc.)
  • Rescuing Dogs
    • Oh be still my heart. Nothing tugs at my heart-strings like those ASPCA commercials. If I had all the money and land required, I would rescue EVERY homeless dog. I would love them, and squeeze them, and love them some more!

So essentially, I need to find something I can do outside and with animals. Still searching y’all. Feel free to share your hobby ideas with me.


Hope your weekend was as restful and wonderfully wonderful as you needed. Tomorrow is Monday…. Let’s kick it’s ass!


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  1. Chelsea you might check out helping out at your local animal rescue! Lovin’ on those fur babies needing homes! 😊

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