Kale = Hell

Kale is nasty… it tastes like dirt. 🤢🤢

My husband always tries to get me to put it in my smoothies in the morning… listen, I’m pretty sure I stopped eating dirt when I was two  I have no interest in consuming it every morning. 

After I protest the kale, my sweet husband will then suggest I add some spinach to my smoothie…. ummmm, I’m not looking to be Popeye either…. I want to be healthy, but I have to draw the line somewhere. 

I’m not one of those people who craves leafy greens… I will occasionally order a salad, but that is rare. And the salads that I would order would have crispy chicken, lots of cheese, and an insane amount of ranch dressing.  This weight loss challenge has me ordering salads on the regular… I’m not loving it. I like vinagarette dressings about as much as I like kale… vom. 

I’m also noticing that I’m hyper-sensitive to anything my sweet husband says about what I’m eating. Let me set up a scene for you:

We were at his grandmother’s house at lunch time today. There was BBQ pork, baked beans, and coleslaw for all of us to eat…

I knew these options weren’t the best thing for me to eat, but I was hungry so I made myself a small plate of BBQ with a tiny amount of baked beans. I sat down next to my husband, he looked over at my plate and said “baked beans, huh?” 

That’s all that happened. He literally said 3 words about something on my plate. That’s it. Later that afternoon we were in the car and I LOST IT! Full on melt-down mode. He was SO confused! I was bringing up something that happened 2 hours earlier, and I CRIED about it. Bless him. I’m a wreck… 

Y’all, sometimes this crap happens. I’m crazy. Most women are crazy. Put any woman on a diet and their normal level of crazy will go from additive to exponential over night. 

I’m hoping to get to a point where I ENJOY this way of life. I’m definitely not there yet, but I’m getting closer. Hell, I look forward to eating cottage cheese as a snack… I’d say that’s progress. 

Again, thanks for riding this roller coaster that is my weight loss journey. 


2 comments on “Kale = Hell

  1. Loving reading these posts! Keep it up girl! It takes a long time to make a lifestyle change but you got this!!!

  2. You got this my friend! I too am hypersensitive when my husband says anything about what I’m eating. I mean, the nerve of them! Ugh! Embrace your meltdowns because they won’t stop for alittle, just like B’s love for you 🙂

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