If I’m Not a Crunchy Momma, Am I a Mushy Momma??

Listen, I have always liked the idea of being a crunchy momma, but it has always been just that…. an idea. My kids don’t eat organic, I don’t wear chacos 24/7, I don’t bike to work, and I don’t drive an electric car. Maybe one day I’ll become crunchy, but right now I feel like an outsider looking in. I feel mushy.. (literally and figuratively)

Please don’t take this post as a knock. If you are a crunchy momma, I salute you! You are far more advanced than I. I’m lucky if I remember to feed my kids breakfast (usually microwaved mini pancakes or peach yogurt) in my rushed morning routine, much less make sure that what they are eating is GMO free, Gluten free, Organic, Nut free etc.

I was reminded of my uncrunchiness when I went to a new grab-and-go restaurant in town.

The air smelled of essential oils, the shelves were full of labels I didn’t recognize, and the majority of the people in the store were wearing natural fabrics or athleisire.

Side note: Did you know when a package has a U on the back, it means the item is kosher? There’s no U in kosher…. I’m so lost.

Yeah girl, I’m just as confused….

Does anyone else feel out-of-place in a health food store? Y’all I feel so dumb. I need an interpreter. Someone needs to hold my hand and show me the ropes. Everyone seemed like they were in a rush, so I was uncomfortable being the slow mover googling all the labels. Maybe I can call ahead and ask to make an appointment during off hours so I can educate myself on their assortment.

I’m sure the food options there are super healthy and maybe even tasty, but I’m not there yet. They offered something called Kombucha… not exactly sure what that is, but I┬áheard the word fermented, so I assumed it meant booze. My employer wouldn’t have been happy if I came back from lunch a little tipsy. If Kombucha is not booze… feel free to judge me… I told you I’m not “in the know” about this trendy stuff.

Maybe as my healthy lifestyle becomes more natural, I’ll feel more comfortable making purchasing decisions at a health food store.

So this one’s for all the crunchy momma’s out there. You are an inspiration. I can only hope to be as knowledgeable about food and health as you are. Feel free to send any tips or tricks my way!

Cheers, Momma!

4 comments on “If I’m Not a Crunchy Momma, Am I a Mushy Momma??

  1. You are not alone. I didn’t even know what a crunchy mom was on until just now. I thought I was doing good not eating fast food. Oh well, I’ll be happy if my toddler daughter eats three meals a day!

  2. lol A crunchy lifestyle is something that takes a lot of research. I had to learn fast due to life threatening allergies. For someone who can tolerate a “mushy” life, I applaud you for wanting to try to be healthier! Try researching one thing at a time and becoming a master at that and incorporating it into your routine. I cam recommend some good groups on Facebook if you’re interested. They post things about healthy living on a daily basis.

  3. Luv it! I have heard the term but didn’t know what it meant until your post! LOL I guess I am a Crunchy mom. But only due to my health issues and my fear of my kids developing the same issues. Don’t feel bad about “not being in the know” its a lot. A bit of a rabbit hole too once you get into it.

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