I lost my cool at Chuck E Cheeese… oops!

Cue hangry bee-otch…

Last night we met up with some friends and their little guy at Chuck E. Cheese. I was a little annoyed that literally the only thing healthy that they had was a salad bar (which I’m sure was covered with snot particles and fecal matter) and if you know me you know my affinity for pizza, you also know the struggle I went through. I’m equal opportunity with ALL pizza. I LOVE it! (Except mushrooms and black olives–sick!) Anyway, we get there, order our food, and I decided before we got there that I was going to have a Diet Coke (I had well over 120oz of water yesterday so I deserved a bleeping Diet Coke!). I ordered my Diet Coke and the girl at the register said ok, I have a personal peperoni pizza (for the kids… *sigh*), a salad bar, a club wrap, a Diet Pepsi and 3 waters.

I’m sorry what?? Diet Pepsi? I wanted a Diet Coke. The two are NOT interchangeable. (This wasn’t when I had my little fit…)

I politely said “oh, no thanks. I don’t like Diet Pepsi. I’ll just have a water.” The cashier handed us 4 water cups. I asked for lids for the kids water cups and she said “we don’t have lids for the water cups.”

“Ok, can you give me a small cup for the kids?” I said. 

“We can’t give those out. They are $2.29” said the cashier

(This is the moment you have all been waiting for) 😒😒

“Seriously?? You can’t give me a cup with a lid for the kids?!? This is a kids place!!” I said, In my hulk momma voice. It was brief, but it definitely happened… I yelled a the Chuck E. Cheese girl 😳

My sweet husband quickly ushered me away and shot an apologizing glance to the cashier. 

I later apologized to the cashier who couldn’t have been older than 17. She was just doing her job and I went all carb-deprived Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on her. Bless. 

Hopefully my little outbursts subside soon. I’m not looking to make teenagers cry on the daily (to be clear, no tears were shed in this instance). 

This weight loss journey might have a couple of rides on the crazy train, but it’s real life. I’m not hiding anything. Even things I’m not super proud of. Sigh. 


On to Day 4. Bring it! 


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