I have muscles y'all! 

You guys!!!! Where did these muscles come from?? I have definition in my arms, calves, and booty! And my chest and shoulders are looking right! I am well on my way to getting that DGB (dayum girl body). You’re welcome for that new acronym. 

(Clearly this isn’t me in the picture, but I damn sure hope this is what my DGB looks like!)

I don’t think I have EVER worked out religiously for two months before, but now I get it! I’ve tasted the sweetness of seeing results and now I want a big ol’ bowl of it! 

Thursday was my mid challenge weigh in and I learned that I am down 13lbs! Hells to the yeah!! Now I just have to keep it up for 3 more weeks to finish out the challenge strong. I don’t know if I’ll win this challenge, but I have busted my hiney and I’m not totally hating it anymore! 

When the challenge is over I’m still going to stick with it. I don’t think I could stop if I tried. I may not be as hardcore about everything (I’m not looking to be a lunk), but I do want to make sure I keep seeing results. 

My husband is noticing my firm booty. My coworkers are noticing my change in energy. Even people I don’t see regularly are noticing that my face is slimming down pretty dramatically. I’m changing! And I’m not a hangry bee-otch anymore. Don’t get me wrong I do still crave the carbs. All of of them. And the sweets! Dear Jesus in heaven, the sweets call to me. I dream about them! I pretty much have to speed scroll through Facebook because so many of my friends are sharing recipes and pictures of these decadent looking desserts. I’m pretty sure I can smell them through my phone…. but I digress. 

One day I’ll learn how to eat sweets in moderation, but right now that’s not the case. One little taste will send me into a downward spiral of binging. I just have to know that one day my beloved (sweets) and I will be reunited. That day Will. Be. Glorious. 😂

Anyway, I have worked out for 10 days straight… y’all I am tired! Tomorrow is my rest day and I am sooooo ready for it! I plan on meal prepping for the week and catching up on my DVR. I might also do a little shopping. (I bought a ton of new workout clothes when I first joined OTF… they are starting to get too big 😬😬. Guess that means I have an excuse to go buy more (sorry, B!)). 

Again y’all, thanks for reading and supporting this blog. It keeps me going! 


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