Fettuccini wishes and cookie dreams..


That’s all I want today…

Fettuccini. Or more specifically, steak Gorgonzola from the OG (Olive Garden for all of you people who aren’t obsessed with prom fancy chain restaurants) is what I would KILL for today. 

It’s nearing the end of day 5 of my weight loss challenge and I’m officially down 5.5lbs! That progress is the ONLY thing keeping me from calling chef shuttle to bring me the creamy goodness of steak gorgonzola and the endless breadsticks that my heart so desires. 

The struggle is real y’all. 

Also, I learned today (much to my dismay) that my precious bubbly Diet Coke, is now, and quite possibly has always been, my sweet tooth trigger. EFF! I talked in an earlier post about my affinity for pizza… that affinity doesn’t hold a candle to my OBSESSION with Diet Coke. 

I drank more than half my body weight in water today and decided to hit up Sonic happy hour for an afternoon caffeine fix. After a couple sips I found myself daydreaming about Girl Scout thin mint cookies. Not just any thin mint, but one that had been thoughtfully placed in the freezer to be consumed later as a delicious cold treat. 


A girl can dream. 

Instead, I had my planned afternoon snack of cottage cheese. Yummmm (sarcasm). How is it that I “won” in that choice of snack but felt like I lost?? 😩😩

It will be worth it. It will be worth it. It will be worth it. That’s all I keep telling myself today. 

This journey is HARD. But I’m doing it for me. Also, I’m super competitive and the challenge aspect of this is really spurring me along. (I wanna win that 💰💰💰). 

On another note, I really am feeling better from these past 5 days of eating clean. I can tell that my energy is improving, I’m sleeping better, my skin is clearing up, and I feel happy (except for my occasional hangry bee-otch episode). 

I’m in. 

I’ve committed and I’m going to bust my ass until I hit my goal! Thanks for joining me! 


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