Fake Birthdays and Fun Times

I have bratty friends… (kidding… I love my friends and they love me!). 

A couple of my besties at my annual Beer Olympics Party

Yesterday at lunch my bestie started giggling uncontrollably. My initial thought was that there was something on my face, in my teeth, etc. Nope…. you know why she was laughing? She told the waitress that it was my birthday (my birthday is in Nov.). 

All of a sudden I hear some aggressively played instruments heading in my direction. I turned to see the racket and was practically assaulted with a sombrero and a sign. My friend’s giggling turned to full on belly laughing (the nana in the booth next to us was also LOVING the whole situation and couldn’t contain her amusement)

You’re welcome for this gem… ole!

I share this story with you because we can all use a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously! Life is going to go on no matter how much fun we choose to have or not have. So why not treat everyday like it’s your birthday? Why don’t we laugh everyday until our face hurts from smiling? Why not? 

I’m going to challenge myself to start finding the fun in the everyday.

Here are a few ways I’m going to do it:

  • Reading silly books for my kids. (My Elmo voice is spectacular!)
  • Dancing my way through my workout at OTF. (Without falling off the treadmill)
  • Telling funny stories that make my husband shake his head and get slightly embarrassed. (My favorite pastime) 
  • Celebrating my un-birthday (thanks Brandi)

I am the worst about getting wrapped up in a tv show, my phone, a magazine, etc. and not enjoying the little moments. My kids love my attention and they deserve it. So I’m going to be better about giving it. 

MommaGoneStrong.com is not only about getting stronger physically, it’s about getting stronger in all aspects of my life. I’m working to be a stronger wife, mom, and friend. I’m a work in progress y’all. 

But I got this. 

So ladies and gents, here’s to grabbing the weekend by the horns and enjoying every second! 

Let’s talk soon, k?


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