Detoxing: My Thoughts on the Arbonne Healthy Living Detox (part 1)


Hello! Before I start telling you about my detox, I want to share with you that I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest review. The woman who sent me the product has offered my readers a HUGE discount if you order from her and tell her you read about it from

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Y’all know that I’m going to speak the truth about this product… so here it goes!

I have started the Arbonne 30 days to healthy living detox.

At first I was skeptical. Y’all know that I very much like to EAT my food, and this detox appeared to be a lot of shakes…. I definitely wasn’t looking to drink my dinner everyday for practically a month.

Overall, I was fully expecting this to be good for my overall health, but not something that I was going to enjoy very much.

Here are my daily thoughts from my first week on the program:

Day 1:

Where the hell is my diet coke?!
These shakes aren’t so bad, but I’m STARVING! (I tried to do the whole meal replacement thing)

 Day 2:

Holy hell!! I’m dying my head hurts so bad– Give me all the caffeine!!
I didn’t do the shakes as total meal replacement. I paired them with “lean and green” meals (healthy protein with LOTS of veggies). This helped me not feel like I was starving.
I didn’t give in to my diet coke cravings, but seriously, anytime I saw someone sipping on that soda pop goodness I considered delivering the shiver and swiping my beloved from their hand! (don’t judge me…)

Day 3:

Huh…. this no diet coke thing isn’t so bad… I’m actually feeling less tired than normal, but also SUPER gassy…

Day 4:

I’m in the swing of things.

These shakes are pretty tasty and the citrus fizz sticks are kind of like virgin mimosas. (also– don’t shake these too much or they will explode when you open the lid…oops!)

My first attempt at a shake… not too shabby!

Day 5:

Today I was in a rush, so I didn’t make any “fancy” shakes using my blender or adding frozen fruit. I literally just put the powder in my blender bottle with some almond milk and shook the tar out of it. It wasn’t grainy at all! I was surprised with the taste as well. It was like a creamy chocolate milk.

 Day 6:

I am MUCH less bloated today than I was when I started this detox. My stomach is visibly smaller (at least to me and my sweet husband). I just feel REALLY good.

 Day 7:

I am surprised I have made it this far. I don’t usually last this long… I normally find a reason to stop these types of programs or “diets”, but this has been really easy. I decided to make this more about detoxing than weight loss, but since coupling this with my clean eating, I have sped up my weight loss and have lost just under 3 lbs this week! Hells Yeah!


Week 1 Summary:

Overall, I am happy with my first week. I’m SUPER glad that this detox doesn’t involve pills as supplements because I am a toddler and struggle to swallow pills (Thanks for that trait, momma!). This program is something that I can stick to. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it makes my insides feel good.

I will be making 2 more posts on this detox, but please feel free to shop the products from the link I provided in the beginning of this post. I do not get compensated for your purchases. I just want you guys to use my honest reviews to make informed purchasing decisions… (wow that made me sound like an expert!)


Thanks for stopping by y’all!!

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