Detoxing: My Conclusion on the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living

Well guys, it has been 30 days. It’s really not that long when you think about it.

I have completed the WHOLE detox!

Was I perfect? Nope.
Did I eat solely organic foods? Nah.
Did I do at least 2 protein shakes a day? Sure did.
Did I complete the 7 day cleanse? yes… it was NOT my favorite part.

Before I continue telling you about my final thoughts on this detox, I want to share with you again that I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest review. The woman who sent me the product has offered my readers a HUGE discount if you order from her and tell her you read about it from

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All in all y’all, I REALLY enjoyed this detox. I felt full (after I figured out that meal replacement is NOT for me). I enjoyed the taste of the protein shakes. I even drank the fizz sticks EVERYDAY!

Here is my final list of pros and cons:


  • Taste… clearly this is a big win for me! Y’all know I can’t swallow a pill, so making sure that my protein shakes don’t taste medicinal is HUGE!
  • Easy to follow. Once I decided that meal replacement is not my jam, I 100% believe that this is something I could do for a very long time.
  • Increased energy. I have 2 rambunctious hoodlums that live in my house named Sass and the Dude. Energy is imperative to survive.
  • Better Sleep. I sleep like the dead, y’all. But even still, I didn’t always wake up feeling rested… This detox really changed things for me.
  • Improved mood. Outside of my “time of the month” outburst (sorry B!), this stuff has really leveled me out. It’s funny how not allowing myself to get hangry has helped my mental health.
  • Regularity. Y’all know I can’t talk about poop without a little giggle (teeheehee), but for real, this stuff helped me TREMENDOUSLY! I became WAY more regular and the bloating that I had thought was permanent, has gone away ENTIRELY! (Sorry for all the “YELLING” fonts, but I take poop pretty seriously!)


  • I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to brew a lovely cup of the detox tea. It was either too sweet or too bitter. I couldn’t get it right.
  • The 7-day cleanse was tough to sip on (which I had to do all day for 7 days). It gave me heartburn, but after guzzling some water I was able to stifle that burn. 
  • Early on I battled gas pains. Those went away after day 9, but were mildly unpleasant. 
  • I’m not a gluten free, organic, non GMO kinda girl. So trying to change my grocery shopping to adhere to those rules were kind of tough. I did the best I could but was definitely not perfect. 

My Final Thoughts

Reflecting back on this cleanse, I know that I could have done a better job of playing by the rules, but I am VERY happy with my results! I increased my weight loss and felt healthier! My goal in doing this was to improve myself on the inside. I truly believe I have done that! 

I feel better, I look better (hells yeah!), and I would love to see my readers experience the same! 

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  1. I start this 30 day challenge on September 3rd and just ordered my products this morning. I hope this goes well.

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